Get to know our products, you would be surprised of the variety Pacific Rim Produce has to offer. For example "ginger" we have seven types of ginger to choose from, each with its unique look, flavor, and texture. To add to our large variety of produce we also have non-produce items, like for example dairy, juices, and nuts. Click the button below to view our full Product List.



One thing is telling our customers that we buy from the best-known farms and labels, and its another to tell you what those farms and labels are. Here at Pacific rim produce we are aware of the need to buy local, and we understand our customers and there needs to ensure what they are buying is indeed local. So we took it upon ourselves to list all our local farms, and it's all available for you to view by clicking the button below.



So your recipes require a certain fruit or vegetable, knowing what to order is only half the battle. When it comes to fresh produce, it is always good to know what's available in your current season. Its also good to know where the available produce is from. Is it local? Is it from another state? Or is it imported from another country? We have gathered all this information in a simple chart, please click below to view our Seasonal Produce Chart.